Universal slider double

Universal slider double


Universal seat slider for seats or pedal plates.
Slightly adjustable in width by bending the bar.
Fits with SimXPro universal seat mount and bottom-to-side seat mount.

Material: Steel

Color: Black powder coating

Space between the mounting holes: 265-300mm.
Weight (kg): 2,5

Compatible with: All seats with bottom mount and 290 mm bolt spacing and SimXPro universal seat mounts.

Not compatible with: Any other dimension between that mounting holes that not holds 265-300mm mounting holes.

Not included: Aluminium profiles, bolts and nuts.

Pros and cons:
+ Good alternative for mounting without limits in width between the sliders.
+ Perfect for "Do it yourself" builds
+ Fits all 40 and 45-style profiles but can also be mounted on steel or wood

- Not fully adjustable in width somewhere between 340 - 420 mm is no problem