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Event Solutions

Emotional racing experiences as a fan favourite in your CI

Get an unfortgettable racing experience to your event with RaceRoom


Get your visitors straight from reality onto the racetrack and present your brand in the best possible way.


RaceRoom is an innovative puzzle piece for events, that will unleash the inner race driver in your visitors and give them a competitive and fun experience.

Ideal for:

  • Exhibitions and company presentations of all kind

  • Kick-off events and promotions

  • Teambuilding-Events and Incentives

  • Summer fetes, open days

  • private celebrations and group events

  • class or club meetings


The experience:

  • Feel what it’s like to be a race driver, behind the wheel

  • exciting and unusual group experience

  • Action and excitement also for the spectators

  • more than 120 officially licensed race cars, over 35 real racing tracks

  • official series like the DTM, FIA WTCC, ADAC GT Masters (GT3 class)

  • accurate physics and sounds like in real motorsports

  • Your brand in the spotlight of the event

What makes it special:

  • Simulators, both for indoors and outdoors, that can be expanded with a modular system

  • Use 2 to 24 simulators for multiplayer races in a local network

  • including live broadcast function for spectators

  • globally unique event software with a large amount of possibilities for customization

  • automatic, easy-to-handle event procedure with integrated customer data acquisition

  • also suitable for large visitor numbers

  • Customizable difficulty level

  • Software & Hardware Branding with your company logo

  • effective marketing possibilities in order to acquire customers and strengthen your brand

Event equipment

The equipment for your show – modular, flexible and representative


Racing seat, force feedback steering wheel with paddle shifts and surround sound create a realistic racing experience.


Up to 24 simulators can be used together in one network. This means that 24 drivers can race against each other on the track at the same time – Racing atmosphere at its best and an unforgettable joy for everyone!

Simulator Stage Trailers

The fastest and easiest mobile solution for indoors and outdoors is our Stage Trailer. The setup is as easy as never before. Within a short amount of time, you can convert the trailer into a show stage including a fully functional RaceRoom.


  • equipped with eight simulators in the network

  • usable indoors and outdoors

  • ready to use in just a few steps

  • automatised event procedure due to a central Race-Kiosk

  • automatic live leaderboard display with the best lap-times of all drivers

  • unique possibilities of customisation

  • several branding options for software and hardware

  • also available with a fitting tent (optional)

IMG_1373 2.jpeg
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3Motion Simulator


You can feel the force of the 3Motion in each acceleration zone, in each corner and on the brakes. Every bump on the track, every kerb feels like reality. The high end steering wheel and pedals are precise and provide extremely detailed feedback of the car and road. The only other way to experience this sort of realism is in a real race car.

The 3Motion is the king amongst the simulators. Only components of highest quality were used, and the TrackTime technology, developed in Germany, guarantees authentic feeling. This simulator has a lasting impression on all of your event visitors.


  • Fully equipped high end 3Motion simulator, ready to use in a few steps

  • Authentic feeling of G-forces and for bumps and kerbs on the virtual racetrack

  • With the direct drive wheel, you can feel the force of the car, like in a real one

  • High end GT wheel with carbon shift paddles

  • State of the art Virtual Reality support for realism on the highest level

  • Load Cell brakes allow you to control the brake force via pressure (up to 150 kg braking force on request)

  • Event management software with many features and options

  • Numerous branding options for hardware and software


Technical specs:

  • Requirement: flat solid ground

  • Dimensions: 1.650/850/1.750mm (L/B/H)

  • Weight: approx. 170kg

  • Required power supply: 240V, 8A

  • Required space: approx. 2.5m /Simulator

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