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The SIMRIG SR2 is our most powerful motion system. Equipped with industrial grade motors, a redesigned ECU, and a beefier power supply, the SIMRIG SR2 is professional grade equipment.

Your number one request was increased load capacity. We listened. The SIMRIG SR2 can actuate a total load of 225 kg. This is 50 kg more than the previous version.

Though powerful and accurate its footprint is small. The actuators mount directly to your rig. The ECU easily fits under your seat. The power supply can be tucked away next to your computer. The SIMRIG SR2 will enhance your rig without increasing its size too much.

The motion system is accompanied by SIMRIG Control Center. This software control the motion system by interpreting the position and acceleration of the simulated vehicle. It supports all major simulation titles.

Installation is plug-and-play. Attach the actuators, ECU, power supply, and emergency stop. Connect a few cables. Install the software. Then you are ready!



The SIMRIG SR2 is compatible with aluminum rigs built using 80x40, 120x40, and 160x40 mm aluminum extrusions. Other sizes are available on request.

Four 20x20 mm aluminum profiles and four plastic brackets are required to attach the SIMRIG SR2 to an aluminum rig. These are included.

The four 20x20 mm aluminum profiles are mounted in pairs. Two at the front of the rig and two at the back. Each pair holds two SIMRIG SR2 actuators. See documentation for more details.

The plastic brackets are specifically designed to attach to either 80x40, 120x40, or 160x40 mm aluminum profiles. These profiles differ in height and therefore require a matching bracket. Brackets for these profiles are included in the box.



The SIMRIG SR2 is powered by a 1000 W power supply -- more than enough power to react quickly to motion commands. This power supply attaches to your wall socket using a standard power cord.

The system latency is negligible at only 7 milliseconds. We have optimized the software to make sure motion queues are on-time every time.

The maximum load is set to 225 kg for best performance and longevity. The maximum load includes the rig, the driver, peripherals, and additional weight actuated by the SIMRIG SR2 motion system. This is 50 kg more than the SIMRIG SR1.

Even with heavy 160x40 mm rigs (that weigh 65 kg) the SIMRIG SR2 can accommodate a driver, a seat, and peripherals that weigh up to 160 kg in total.



A complete motion system:

  • 4x SIMRIG SR2 Actuator
  • 1x SIMRIG SR2 Electronic Control Unit
  • 1x 1000W Power Supply (100-240 V at 50-60 Hz)
  • 1x Emergency Stop
  • 4x Actuator Cable (1m)
  • 1x Power Cable (C13)
  • 1x USB Cable (3m)
  • 1x Low Voltage Power Cable (2m)
  • 1x SIMRIG Control Center (download)
  • Assorted hardware

And mounting brackets for a 80x40, 120x40, and 160x40 rig:

  • 4x SIMRIG SR2 Mounting Bracket for 80x40
  • 4x SIMRIG SR2 Mounting Bracket for 120-160x40
  • 4x Aluminium Profile 780x20x20 mm
  • 4x Aluminium Angle Brackets
  • 4x Profile Cover
  • Assorted hardware



Max load 1*

225 kg


70 mm


100 mm/s (at max load)


0.1 mm


7 ms

Power 2*

1000 W


USB 2.0 (Mini-B)


Windows 10 (64-bit)

Mounting 3*

Aluminium rig 40x40, 80x40, 120x40, 160x40 mm
(80x40 profiles are sometimes called 80x20 in United States)

Cooling 4*

Automatic fan

Emergency stop


Package dimensions

74 cm x 58 cm x 19 cm

Package weight

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