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GT Cockpit EVO

GT Cockpit EVO


An evolution from the GT Cockpit, inspired by true GT race car geometrics and design methodology, the Effect Simulations GT Cockpit EVO utilises "Next Generation" composite materials to achieve perfect stiffness, form factor, useability & beautiful aesthetic design.


EVO features the following design improvements from the original GT Cockpit:


  • Updated design ensuring even more stiffness to the seat and pedal areas.
  • Infinite adjustability in the seat and pedals bases.
  • One piece, 21mm thick base design including aluminium end pieces for increased durability.
  • 8 degree steering base featuring antiglare coating & range of compatibility options.
  • LED RGB ambient lighting controlled via remote or Bluetooth (iPhone & Android compatible)
  • Revised fixing/hardware kit.


Designed & Hand Built in Germany using the latest automotive technologies & materials.

  • Created by Necessity

    A racing simulator should encapsulate all aspects of real driving, including seating position; this was the key focus throughout the design process. By 3D scanning the interior of a real race car, the Effect Simulations GT Cockpit has been accurately designed to recreate the geometric design that automotive manufactures dedicate countless design hours to.

  • Next Generation Materials

    Inspired by true automotive technique, the GT Cockpit is manufactured using next generation materials such as Carbon Fibre construction, 3D printed components, and CNC machined parts. This gives ultimate rigidity, design without constraint, lightweight properties and beautiful aesthetic design.

  • Performance Driven

    Working alongside a leading aerospace engineer, the GT cockpit has rigidity and strength built in to the core of the design. Using digital stress analysis models, the Cockpit has been tested to over 1 million test cycles using the most powerful Direct Drive wheel bases, and high force brake pedals. Throughout testing the design had a maximum deflection of only 0.67mm. All of this has been made possible, while still achieving a total mass that can be comfortably lifted by a single finger.

  • Universal Compatibility

    The cockpit is dispatched with blank seat and pedal base plates in order for complete compatibility to all peripherals. These can be easily drilled by the end user.

  • Further Information




What is included?

The GT Cockpit is supplied partially assembled, and comprehensive instruction manual will guide you through the process of completing the cockpit ready to be used.

You must add your own seat, steering wheel & pedal assemb

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