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Basic Seat

Basic Seat


Basic folding seat. The seat is made of fabric and is additionally covered with sky leather on the wear surfaces.
Can be adjusted in height and angle with the included bottom-to-side and universal seat mounts.
The universal seat mounts can (also later) be used with almost every available seat with side mounting holes.

Adjustable: Yes height and angle due to the various mounting patterns in the seat mounts.

Included: Seat with universal seat mounts and bottom-to-side mounts. Bolts and (t-)nuts to mount the seat to your rig.
Not included: Rig

Pros and cons:
+ Good looking seat, basic quality
+ Fits all 40-style profiles but can also be mounted on wood

- Budget seat, not comparable with the top range Sparco seats
- Because seat can be folded it can be shipped world wide


Before ordering a seat, pay attention to the following points: - Have you already sat in the seat? Are the measurements correct for you? - Is the seat suitable for your Sim rig and/or mounting brackets? - We charge 15% handling costs for seats that are returned. - Unfortunately we cannot take back seats that have to be ordered especially for you.

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