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Ascher Racing F64-USB V2

Ascher Racing F64-USB V2

  • Maximum grip level from closed, ergonomic rubber grips
  • platform independent USB connection
  • 285mm diameter
  • 12 x push buttons with tactile feeling
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks
  • 4 x encoders (inc. push button functionality)
  • 2 x 12-position rotary switches
  • magnetic paddle shifters
  • contactless clutch paddles
  • labels for various common steering wheel inputs


Compared to its previous model, the F64-USB V2 features new 12-position switches which provide improved feedback, a closed shape and motorsport rubber grips.

  • Improved grip ergonomics including slightly larger diameter, thinner lower section, different top shape to push top button
  • Rubber grips:
    • are not showing any tear
    • offers much more grip
    • perfect hardness (not too soft, not too hard) for much easier endurance racing without getting exhausted
    • can be used without using gloves (also with sweaty hands)
    • better hygienics
  • new 12-position rotary knob
    • better usability in “encoder mode” (rotational symmetry)
    • much better feedback

64 Inputs

  • 12 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling
  • 2 x protective button guards
  • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks (4 directions / rotate clock- anticlockwise/ push button)
  • 4 x encoders inc. push button functionality, aluminium knob
  • 2 x 12-position rotary switches, aluminium knob
  • 2 x paddle shifters
  • 2 x clutch paddles with electronic bite-point calibration

Magnetic Paddle Shifters

  • cnc machined and anodized out of automotive aluminium
  • strong snap-action force
  • alternative magnets to reduce force included
  • reliable automotive switch

Contactless Clutch Paddles

  • cnc machined and anodized out of automotive aluminium
  • contactless hall sensor
  • smooth operation for maximum control

electronic bite-point calibration

  • precise adjustments in 1.0 % and 0.1 % increments
  • change bite-point via configuration tool or directly on the wheel rim:

    push both joystick buttons for 1s to acces bite-point mode

    LED lights up to indicate calibration mode

    rotate left joystick for 1.0 % increments / right joystick for 0.1 % increments (LED flashes to indicate changes)

    exit calibration mode by pushing both joysticks again for 1s

  • recommended procedure for finding best setting:

    enter calibration mode and set bite-point to high value, e.g. 80 %

    pull slave clutch only

    apply throttle

    reduce bite-point in 1.0 % increments (left joystick) until vehicle starts moving

    make test starts to fine tune desired bite-point setting

    exit bite-point calibration mode

  • recommended procedure for quick race starts

    pull both master and slave clutches

    apply throttle

    race start -> let master clutch snap

    it will take less than 20 ms to reach desired bite-point

    slowly release slave clutch

High Quality Finish

  • Maximum grip level from closed, ergonomic rubber grips
  • machined out of automitive aluminium
  • black anodized and laser engraved
  • brushed frontplate surface finish
  • glass bed blasted paddle surface finish

Button Labels

  • 50 pcs button labels each black and white
  • 72 pcs encoder labels (blue, green, red, black, yellow, white)
  • labels for various common steering wheel inputs

General Information

  • 285 mm wheel diameter
  • 6 x 70 mm bolt pattern
  • robust, shielded coiled cable with industrial Binder M16 connector
  • coiled cable connector length approx. 64mm
  • spacer may be required to create sufficient clearance to the wheel base
  • M5 x 12 mm stainless screws to mount QR included
  • Quick Release not included
  • to mount M5 threaded QRs, use captive screws
  • mass: 1140 g

Compatible Wheelbases

  • Simucube 2 
  • Simucube 1 (OSW, Mige) 
  • Accuforce*
  • Leo Bodnar** 
  • OSW (Argon)**
  • Simagic*
  • VRS Direct Force*** 
  • Fanatec Podium Hub*


* captive screws   are required
** Wheelbase comes without QR
*** longer screws are required 

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